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Whether your priority is ultra easy 'fridge access, absolute maximum storage,
or simply the best looking unit available, Tanami 4WD Products have what you need.

The Tanami Side By Side provides a level load space, which is ideal for situations where large loads still need to be carried in the vehicle's cargo area. The optional integrated refrigerator slides allow quick access to chilled supplies through the rear doors.
For those who require the maximum storage, yet still need to have quick easy access to their refrigerator, Tanami have the ultimate solution. The Tanami Triple has three roller drawers, two side compartments, a quick access hatch and an integrated refrigerator slide. It's the one "with the lot".
The Tanami Quad is the highest capacity drawer system available, yet it still retains seating for five. Four drawers the full length of the station wagon's load space and two cavernous side compartments provide an unmatched cargo carrying ability. Easy access to the side compartments is made via full length hinged lids on top, and full height quick access doors from the front.
A major benefit of the Tanami Stack becomes apparent the first time you need to access your refrigerated supplies. Keeping the 'fridge close to the floor of the cargo area provides unparalled ease of access. Unique features, such as the quick access side compartments, set Tanami products apart from the competition by more than good looks alone.

VERSATILITY - Tanami 4WD Products' Drawer Systems can be transferred to other vehicles far easier than our competitors. Provided the main section of the drawer system still fits between the wheel arches of the recipient vehicle, new trims can be supplied at low cost to fully integrate your drawer system investment into your new 4WD. This creates excellent value for money in the long term.

QUALITY - Tanami 4WD Products use high grade components. Note the rust proof aluminium frame, premium quality flush mounted locks, sealed roller bearings and plush carpet. We use stainless steel screws, bolts and nylock nuts throughout. It is this attention to detail that ensures your Tanami Storage System will roll on and on.

EFFICIENCY - Utilizing both extruded and folded aluminium, Tanami Roll Out Storage Systems provides all the strength you need, without weighing in as excess baggage.

STYLE - Tanami Roller Drawers look so good, you will not want to take them out of your 4WD. You can extend the use of your storage system to your everyday activities, therefore getting maximum value from your investment.

SAFETY - Optional tie down points provide extra load security in rough terrain.


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